I can’t write about my own experience without recognizing how difficult this year has been for everyone. The death, destruction, and economic hardship that has come from covid — 19, in addition to the brutal killings of black people across the country, and the ongoing racial injustice and systematic oppression so many people of color experience on a daily basis has been nothing short of horrifying. I am incredibly privileged to have a partner and dog whom I adore and to still be employed. …

My fifth grade classroom that taught me my first lesson in design

It was impossible to grow up in Springfield, Illinois and not know about what made our town famous (Abraham Lincoln). Every history class had an inherent emphasis on Lincoln’s life, and my fifth grade classroom was no exception. Each spring, the middle school staged a re-enactment of the time period Lincoln lived in Springfield. It took place in the center of the downtown square in the Old State Capitol. State senators, representatives, even sometimes the governor came to watch the reenactment.

I had been prepping for my turn in the reenactment since my older brother played his part two years…

We stumble up the steps and look at the stage. Find a spot, set the blanket down, and prepare to snuggle. It’s cold at night in Berkeley, after all. When Beruit starts, I start to remember why I love seeing live music. There’s something irreplaceable about the sounds, something magical about seeing it live. Real musicians, giving you a glimpse of their talent.

As I look out into the crowd, it’s nothing but a splattering of little neon screens, pointing in reverence to this traveling act. This magician on the stage, performing tricks. The band doesn’t even have a computer…

Rachel Kozemczak

Product designer, gardener, home renovator. Lover of dark chocolate, puppies, and red wine

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